Our cost consultancy services range from project inception to project completion and are tailored to owners, contractors and other construction consultants in the public and private sectors.

We bring diversity, attention to detail and industry experience to:

  • project feasibility and appraisal
  • quantity surveying and cost management (cost planning, cost estimating, bills of quantities, value management, value engineering, whole cycle costing)
  • contract administration, management and advisory
  • commercial management and advisory (final accounts preparation, cost control, cost optimisation, cash flow analysis and general project advisory)
  • construction quantum claims/variations assessment, review and defence (additional design scope changes and general cost changes to the project)
  • risk management (construction project risk assessment, pricing, and management)
  • procurement and tendering advice, analysis and assistance
  • dispute resolution (quantum expert determination) and information in contractual disputes.

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Quantity Surveying

If you don’t know what you need, how can you build what you want? A good Quantity Surveyor saves you time, money and a lot of headaches, making sure your project sets the right budget and sticks to it throughout the life of your project.

Quantum Phases Consortium’s extensive experience across various industries, holistic approach and attention to detail brings cost certainty – and peace of mind – because we identify and cost everything required from start to finish.

And we don’t just account for cost. We also provide contract management services to reduce risk liability and cost blow-outs, from feasibility to final account.

Project Programming and Scheduling

Our attention to detail and experience across a broad field helps us to program and schedule your project, so you have confidence in finishing your project on time and budget.

We look at your project holistically, keeping focused on minimising delays, cost over-runs and your liability. Our many years of experience helps us spot problems before they occur and provide cost-effective solutions.

Claims Consultant

Problems can arise on any project at any time, whether it’s in the design phase, somewhere in the middle, or after construction is complete. That’s where Quantum Phases Consortium comes in.

We bring our laser-focused attention to detail to all claims, going through a thorough information discovery and claims assessment to increase the potential to claim on issues for both respondents and claimants.

Our added knowledge in Construction law and Arbitration helps expedite our claims process as we find evidence to support your claim from a legal perspective. We aim for fast and thorough claims to apportion responsibility and liability and award damages as soon as possible to reduce delays.

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